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A little about me and who you’re working with:

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Hi, I’m Tracy, the founder and operator of The Phoenix House Gal.

If you’re here, you’ve probably had a lot of people calling, mailing and texting you, and I appreciate that knowing who you are *really* working with is important.

Our mission values:

  1. Operate with integrity 
  2. Do good work 
  3. Give back

I am not with a large company, there will never be any “high-pressure sales”, and we take pride in being a local resource.

Whether if it’s with myself directly or one of my trusted associates, hope to put your mind at ease when we work together and become the best option for you, though. I am a local Buyer, who has worked alongside hundreds of Sellers in problem situations. 

I’ve been in the trenches through short sales, pre-foreclosures, hoarder houses, major renovations, problem tenants, title problems, problem family members…I’ve seen it all and am experienced in “problem properties” or problem situations. I have been in the Arizona real estate market for almost 20 years, both behind the scenes and running my own company.

With that, I am a full time, local, professional investor and am dedicated to my practice. I have local title companies, attorneys, moving companies, contractors, cleaning companies all ready and waiting to help you and also bring your property back to life.

If you’re wanting to see if I can help you too, give me a call to discuss your property and situation. You can reach me at 602-899-4111 (text is OK too).

Office: (602)899-4111 Call, TEXT and FAX OK

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