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How it Works

Our Easy Process to Sell Your Home Fast

Selling your home to The Phoenix House Gal makes it all easy! No having to get the home show ready, with hoards of people coming in and out, looking it up on the internet, and picking your house apart. We are most likely going to renovate your home, so you don’t have to repair, fix, update, or clean anything. I am a local Phoenix buyer who buys local and works alongside hard-working folks to bring your home back to life and prepare it for it’s next homeowner or renter.

1. Fill out our online form or call me about your property

2. We meet/I’ll visit the property at your convenience

3. We’ll present a fair offer/options with no obligation

4. Sell with no stress – we will handle all the details


It’s QUICK and EASY because I explain and present options. I’ll walk you through the entire process and make it simple and hassle-free.

Why work with me? What’s in it for YOU?

NO “big box” national Buyers with high pressure sales and hidden charges.

I am an experienced local investor/rehabber/buyer. Is the person you are signing the contract with actually buying the property? Or selling it to someone else?

I do not want to LIST your property. I want to BUY it. You don’t have to pay agents your hard earned equity, get the house ready, have people coming through, pick it apart, look it up on the internet and deal with months of stress.

My background and network allows me to give you OPTIONS and INSIGHT. I usually can give you several options to choose from.  

Once you choose how you’d like to sell your house, we handle all the paperwork, etc. We have title companies, lenders, lawyers, contractors, etc ready to go.

We can provide you additional resources for moving, credit repair, finding a rental, etc

You’ll always know what’s happening on your sale.

Knowledgeable and caring. Who you’re working with makes a difference.

Interested in chatting? CLICK HERE to to fill out quick form or give me a call (OR TEXT) about your situation. 602-899-4111



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